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Western astrology

Western astrology is a method of divination based on the idea that the positions of the constellations have various influences on us humans. By calculating the positions of celestial bodies, it is possible to predict the fortunes and personalities of individuals. On this site, we will focus on each of these constellations.


The origin of Western astrology dates back to Mesopotamia around 4000 B.C. Ancient people may have instinctively noticed that the positions and movements of celestial bodies have a deep connection with societal movements and people’s lives. The prototype of astrology, the circular horoscope, was already made before the Common Era. The theory of astrology was systematized and began to spread around 600 B.C.


Aries tends to move first and try to experience the unknown. As the first sign of the 12 zodiac signs, Aries corresponds to infancy in the human growth process.


Taurus tends to be stubborn about things that can be obtained with the five senses, things that can be seen. In terms of the human growth process, Taurus corresponds to the early childhood period. Taurus is a symbol of grounding.


Gemini tends to try to verbalize and express what is within them. Gemini corresponds to the late childhood period in the growth process. They are full of curiosity. Once they can move around on their own, they actively absorb what they don’t know.


Cancer tends to protect and nurture their family and friends. Cancer corresponds to adolescence in the growth process. From Aries to Gemini, the mental structure is rather simple, but from Cancer onwards, it becomes gradually complex as the interaction of hearts with others begins.


Leo tends to push themselves forward and seek recognition from others. Leo corresponds to the early youth period in the growth process. It’s a time when you start to be strongly aware of “yourself”.


Virgo represents a tendency to analyze and to be useful in some way. It corresponds to the late adolescence in the human growth process. It is the final stage of establishing one’s identity on a firm foundation of self. While looking at society, one explores what kind of position to take and what kind of person to be.


Libra has a tendency to be sociable and to balance everything. Libra corresponds to the early adulthood in the growth process. After completing the individual existence up to Virgo, from Libra, we enter the stage of “nurturing sociability”, where we apply what we have completed to society.


Scorpio has a tendency to be inquisitive and to immerse oneself in deep emotions. Scorpio corresponds to the late adulthood in the growth process. Scorpio is about experiencing a deep connection with specific individuals. They prefer narrow and deep relationships over broad and shallow ones.


Sagittarius has a longing for things that are far away, both materially and spiritually, and tends to strive towards ideals. Sagittarius corresponds to the early middle age in the growth process.


Capricorn excels in self-management skills and tends to accomplish things. Capricorn corresponds to the middle to late middle age in the growth process. They have a strong desire to “achieve goals”, and they are the type who can work hard when they have a solid goal.


Aquarius tends to want to express its individuality and wants to be free from everything. Aquarius is around the old age in the growth process. After achieving social success in Capricorn and reaching retirement, Aquarius can finally face itself. It contemplates what it truly means to be oneself.


Pisces tends to be emotional and wants to blend into something. Pisces is around the late old age in the growth process. The mental state is calm and there is little desire or purpose. It is full of gratitude to the surroundings, and it feels as if individuality and the world are integrated.


These are the 12 constellations that appear in Western astrology. Each of the 12 constellations is based on Greek mythology and became a constellation through its own destiny. If you have any troubles in your life, it might be good to compare these constellations with your life.

There are various theories on the content of the site, and there may be inaccuracies.
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